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Physicians and Scientists Exposing Vaccine Lies

Source: Physicians and Scientists Exposing Vaccine Lies


Humanitarian Educational Well Being Protections and Preventions

Educational Well Beings’ Enhancements Needed In our world Today

The security protection of Patient Security
accurate documentation and immediate availability to patients upon processing of all data daily, body invasion camera security for accurate documentation and video surveillance of all treatments, antidotes, instruments, machines, and all there results to prevent harms from future uses of harmful drugs and procedures that inflicts injuries and induced wrongful deaths with and/or without informed consent (fully understanding the statics of complications, injuries, and death that have resulted) before analyzing the benefits within the dangers with mandatory alternatives from natural paths, nutritionists, botanists, cure researchers, homeopaths for all natural nutritious antidote with without harm agents for Humanitarian Nutritious Healing Purposes.

"wild mushroom"

This mushroom herb has immortality. infusions of divine power, longevity that is well known in Asia to directly kill the cancer cells that nurishes the growth of cancer cells. This herb promotes the regeneration of red blood cells, leukocytes and platelets, which quickly lowers amino transferees that causes the reproduction of tumorous infectional necrosis factors to occur. This in turn prevents recurrences and metastasis process.


The Security Protection of our Wild and Farmed Plants’ Lives and their protectors from man made poisons, pollutants, abuses of power, conspiracies of harms, and/or any induced harmful plots in order to gather its researches and history of curing fairly for the advancement Our Human Race Super Library Data-Bases For Healing Awareness Protections That Comes From Mother Earth.
The security protection of our Fresh Air in our hospitals, homes, businesses, public out door places, and in the wild life should be mandated to be provided lawful security evolving into more clean air world wide for Humanitarian Nutritious Healing Purposes.
The Security Protection of our Spring Waters from the pollution induced by mankind for Humanitarian Nutritious Healing Purposes.
The Security protection of our Land for Farming and Wild Life Growth Protection, from any poisonous invaders for Humanitarian Nutritious Healing Purposes.  
Oregano Oil Health Benefits

Nourishing Flourish, Earth’s Natural Resources
There comes times when our main focus to care for the blessed gifts of body, spirit, mind, and soul over takes us like a breath of fresh, the sum of life and wellness. This time of focus only comes with dedication and loyalty to ones self, radiating example for others. As a nutritionist from the age sixteen I have been seriously concern about the decreasing health of mankind, us. So, since that time back then to now, twenty-five years later to date I have aggressively researched to increase health, inducing a longer life span rather than cause injury, pain, infections, disease, and death. It is our job as brothers and sisters to save as many of us as possible in all four forms of the health focuses listed in the first sentence above. We need to be particularly over protective of our senor citizens, the elderly in the same way they protect us from babies up with patience, hope, faith, and sacrifice teaching because of their love saving us to a point where we can be where we are now, it is our turn care for them. Lets go all natural.

The World Wide National Security Protection Humanitarian Watch Dogs’ United.
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Declaration of Independence (Preamble)

Fifty percent of all illnesses are either caused by, or aggravated by poor indoor air quality.

How Natural Healing Developed in America

Common and Constitutional Law
“Fresh and Pure Air” Cases

Natural and Artificial Methods of Ventilation